History of Ideal Consulting

Established in 2009, Ideal Consulting is headquarter in Malaysia to serve our customers in Southeast Asia and Australia. Meanwhile, we have a branch office in HK, name as Global Ideal Consulting (Greater China) Ltd to serving our customers in Hong Kong and China region. We formed to assist companies ranging from SME until SMB every step of their growth ranging from:
  • End to end integrated solutions (ERP)
  • HR solutions
  • Unique key turn solutions to suit each individual & industrial needs.
  • Bar-code Solution
  • Sales mobile / Web Ordering solution
Through our consultation, implementation, and training, Ideal Consulting had empowered companies of all sizes with cost effective solutions to provide better and consistent services to all our clients from front end Sales until the back end Support for the companies in various industries, such Financial, Distribution & Manufacturing. With our vast experience in implementing for leading enterprises and hostile start-ups, we are able to provide exceptional solutions to face any challenges or requirements head on. The solutions we provided does not limit to only overcome but to further enhance the business operations of each of our clients. So far, we are Malaysia’s leading World Class IT Solution Provider in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and official Sage PLATINUM solution provider.
Our Clients

Our Approach

Delivering On Promises
Delivering On Promises

To deliver results exceeding expectations of clients in a timely manner with discipline and accountability.

Commitment To Clients
Commitment To Clients

Building long term relationships with clients with commitment and results.

Innovate & Constantly Improve
Innovate & Constantly Improve

Continuous innovation and diversity to achieve ideals for our clients and us.

Empower Companies
Empower Companies

Empowering each company to achieve optimum efficiency & constantly growing by providing real tangible benefits, with us assisting them every step of the way.


Facing new challenges as a team to reach further heights as a team and individually.

Professional Service

Project Service Team

During implementation, we will have our project team to conduct activities such as:

  • Review your hardware environment and make recommendations to ensure optimal system performance and reliability
  • Map, convert and test your existing business data (including migration from a previous ERP application)
  • Test your complete system prior to deployment into your live environment to verify data accuracy, workflow procedures, and personnel readiness
  • Address specific business needs and/or workflows
  • Interface or integrate with external/3rd party applications
  • Application setup, security and administration
  • Database structure, setup and administration, as well as technical standards
  • Standard workflows and procedures, and any modifications that were needed to address your business needs

Development Team

We have development team to develop a solution has to answer to the multiple and immeasurable factors and strategic aspects of a company. However, that development has to fit in the know-how and added value that an implementer has to bring value such as knowledge, experience, creative answers to difficulties, etc. All this, translated into a range of personalised technological solutions (designed to measure) which answer to the requirements detected during the design of the business solution.

Support Team

After the completion of implementation, we’re always available to assist you with our supporting ticketing portal as following:

  • Follow up training on application features and functionality, based on user needs
  • Enhanced technical training for IT and database managers to aid in making localized modifications to your application
  • Ongoing operational consulting and process reviews, and the application of best practices to your workflows